Marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle and to reassemble the pieces in order to get the whole picture can be as well difficult and sweaty.

Only if all prerequisites are clarified, your company will be able to identify today's customer requirements, create a picture about the future requirements and use this as a guideline for innovation.




Modern innovation management stands out for a new understanding of leading edge innovation.

The best supporting tool in the more and more complex project environment is a distinct defined project plan or road map. Multi project management and the definition and management of projects are valuable means for success.

Challenge of Innovation in B2B Business

In most cases companies see the main reason for insufficient innovation results in the idea management process the so called “Front End” of the innovation process.

The „Front End“ is today an indispensable necessity for a successful innovation process and a fundamental part of the innovation process. It covers all necessary steps starting from the idea initiation to the market introduction (picture below).

Sales Excellence Modell

Based on the Sales Excellence Modell the important issues for potential Improvements can be analysed step by step. The identified potentials can be transformed into specific topics and adressed with action items and finally introduced into one optimization programm or project with a roadmap and clear respronsibilities.


Lean Processes and Clear Responsibilities in Customer Relationship

In a lot companies it happens very often, that strategic and operational aspects of sales tasks are not clearly differenciated, so that those topics disappear from the radar and are only reactivated just before the upcoming strategy meeting.

Based on our long experience the diagram was set up, which shows the various topis, issues and tools and  their relationship. and can be used as a checklist or blue print for optimization projects.

Industry 4.0

Target is the networking of people, machines, equipment, logistics and products, so that it will be possible in the future to optimize an entire value chain of customers and to suppliers. With this industry 4.0 goes beyond the already known and often realized concept of networking production islands and automation (industry 3.0) and would like to include also the product life cycle with all its phases.

The benefits of increasing efficiencies are complemented by the possibilities to expand the the service portfolio and to define new business models.

Through a clear allocation of subject areas to your own company's it is possible, to identify realistic options and estimate their potential benefits as well as setting up a roadmap for the top changes in your own value chain together with suppliers or to prepare your company in terms of new business models, and to justify the necessary measures economically.

Strategy Development and Review

Is there a corporate resp. company strategy? The answer is usually: "Yes we have it." Can you see it or read it somewhere? An active and transparent communication of the basic thrust of the company is important to employees, customers and business partners. Secrecy is here unnecessary and wrong and also the question of whether the competition will get to know it, will stay in the background. The consistent implementation is much more important, and the knowledge "Wherever the trip should go?" and what objectives are to be achieved is really necessary. Only in this way employees are made to participants.

A regular revision of the strategy is necessary in all sectors and it should however lift from the operational level. Everything is now in change mode: markets, customer needs, buying behavior, technologies, employee needs, economic environment, legislation, etc. Strategies should therefore be reviewed minimum once a year.

SMEs do not need no complex strategy process, on the contrary. For SMEs, it is sufficient if the essential elements are treated, thought out and documented.

Benefit of the strategy tool: The current version of the most important documents (SWOT, competitor analysis, strategical directions, roadmap and action plans) are located in a well-defined location, with instant access for the defined team and the ability to either immediately print the current version or view it on a computer, tablet or smartphone.














A new webbased software solution facilitates an extreme lean strategy process, more information about the software is available on: